I will literally never need this. And yet here I am, archiving it. However, this preamble changes the entire significance of what appears below, does it not?

Wouldn't it then be a shame if the image below didn't appear below, leaving this preamble text meaningless in need of a whole lot of signification.

I resist now the temptation to remove the below image because I know that at some point in the data void, the image and this text -- this database friendly text and its inherent intertextuality with the text in the below image -- will part ways, perhaps forever.

Image and text and context stray into their three separate corners in the triad of significance.

This image means something, but absent present context . . .
. . . what is it?

A receipt of some kind, yes? Good start.

Aren't my food selections interesting? Lots of poetry in there right? Phrases out of context that would be great book titles.
Seasonal Vegetable
Support Phone; Support Email!
Pickup Time - TODAY!

Why is the text in a strange font like that? Like, look at where it says "IMMEDIATE ORDER".
(I have to note that you looked at IMMEDIATE ORDER in response to my use of the phrase 'IMMEDIATE ORDER' - I hope you don't find that manipulative).

Oh, that's a result of the camera and the paper and the light, right?
Yes, it must be.

But then we have to ask, "Why was this photograph of text taken?"

If it weren't for this narrative, the image would live forever in obscurity, waiting in self-contained meaning or meaninglessness, for its savior to come along, and give it meaning. Give it purpose.

This receipt (documenting a transaction to which I was not any direct party, as this was for a delivered meal) has now, because of this, found its savior.

So I threw it away.