Five Seventy Five
That’s Five first, then a Seven
Then five yet again

seems to resolve, no?
a poem carefully read
can illuminate

in its very words, its text
to be signified

Hence this brave poem,
decides what’s normal in prose
to ask "what’s normal?"

It’s a good question.
Its text compliant in full,

"Normal" included
lies as expressions of truth,

"Semantics?" you say.
You don’t know what that means though,
technically, I mean.

Then the Crown Jewel,
"Onomastics", they call it
and it calls them back.

"Meaning" is made up!
It always has been made up;
it always will be.

Sweet Semiosis!
Signification, of signs,
of the signified

Beautiful French names!
Roland Barthes, Andre Bazín
and Laurent Binet!

"Chomsky" doesn’t fit;
Baillard and Baudrillard do.
Such wonderful names.

it is more than just —
conceptual semantics —

We derive so much
from an ambiguity
‘in here,’ from ‘out there’

we think we can know
something we know precisely
in our truest thoughts.

Adapted to words,
representations of truth,

‘Two Fives, One Seven’
may stand in for a clever
‘five seventy five’

‘A seven sandwich’,
'Two Fives flanking a Seven,’

‘Seven minus two
on both sides of a seven’.
Such curious talk!

when I was your age
we read all the poetry
from bottom to top

In reverse, just so,
A haiku made of magic
I offer you this,

A haiku for you.
That’s Five first, then a Seven: